Introducing the Topos Builders Program: Unleashing the Potential of Zero-Knowledge with Development Funding and Learning Support

3 min readAug 28, 2023


The Topos Builders Program is a new transformative learning experience designed to foster the development of a ZK ecosystem. This program is designed to build a thriving and supportive community with resources and learning support. The Topos Builders Program is set to launch with the Topos Testnet — a vast and open landscape that encourages early adopters to become pioneers in the first ZK native ecosystem.

The program will have in-depth learning guides and resources to empower builders. In addition to securing funding and kickstarting development journeys on the Topos Protocol, builders will benefit from expert support and guidance throughout the program. We’ve developed and tailored learning journeys to help builders develop a greater understanding of the Topos stack.

We want to encourage builders to embrace the boundless potential of Topos’ uniform security, and native interoperability. With such a versatile foundation, the possibilities are endless. In this initial phase, we’re particularly interested in supporting Solidity developers, prioritizing projects that can pave the way for valuable growth in the nascent ecosystem.

We are building a supportive community and will be with you every step of the way to bring your visionary projects to life. For the first cohort, we are targeting the following:

Collectible Games — Unlock the potential of NFT-based games, where dApp builders can experiment with blockchain technology and cultivate a dedicated audience for future projects.

NFT Marketplaces — Artists, creators, and collectors yearn for secure platforms to buy, sell, and trade their unique NFTs. Build a marketplace that empowers users to engage in transactions confidently, utilizing the power of ZK technology for ultimate security and decentralization.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) — Liberate the crypto trading experience with a platform that enables direct peer-to-peer transactions, in a non-custodial manner without the need for an intermediary to facilitate the transfer and custody of funds. Zero-Knowledge technology brings unmatched security, transparency, and user control over funds, safeguarding against hacks and manipulation.

Oracles — Forge connections between the ZK ecosystem and the wider online world, bridging the gap between outsiders and insiders. By building these crucial gateways, you’ll increase awareness, involvement, and adoption across the digital landscape.

Connector Grants — In digital and human interactions, connection is at the core of value creation, growth, and a better world, opening opportunities for collaboration, value exchange, and composability. Embrace the potential of interoperability and unlock a world of collaborative possibilities.

Topos is the universal standard for a connected world. Therefore, to maximize a connected world we want builders who see connection as integral. Topos Builders Program endeavours to support those who pursue connection — trustlessly, inclusively, securely and efficiently.

In addition, the Topos Builders Program will be open to innovative ideas that align with the Topos protocol mission: creating seamless and secure interchain communication without relying on trust in validators. Expert guidance and learning support will be readily available, ensuring that even newcomers can contribute their projects of immense value to the ecosystem.

This is just the beginning of Topos collaboration with new ecosystem pioneers. While we’re initially seeking Solidity developers, the Topos Builders Program will evolve to encompass a diverse array of tools and applications. Future initiatives may include multiple rounds of funding for projects that wholeheartedly embrace the values championed by the Topos community.

Are you ready to be a part of the ZK journey? Visit the Topos Builders Program page to learn more and register your interest in early access. Together, let’s shape a future where Zero Knowledge solutions empower and uplift everyone.

About Topos

Topos is the first zkEcosystem — a universal standard for a trustless, connected world. Through novel advancements in cryptography and distributed systems, Topos functions to rearchitect scalable digital interactions between untrusted parties. Topos enables Web3 and enterprises to interoperate securely and natively to drive super-additive value.

Topos’ permissionless EVM-based multichain architecture empowers developers with flexible and infinitely scalable building blocks to create the composable products of the future. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs at its core, Topos delivers cryptographic security and zero-leak network privacy to power enterprise use cases — at global scale. With Topos, secure, trustless and scalable interoperability will unlock the global adoption of Web3 and Web2.5.

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