Toposware and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) Forge Partnership to Propel Enterprise Adoption of Zero-Knowledge Technology

2 min readDec 7, 2023


Boston, MA December 7th, 2023- Toposware, a pioneer in Zero-Knowledge technology, has announced a strategic partnership with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of Zero-Knowledge solutions business adoption, with a primary focus on enhancing enterprise scalability and overcoming challenges related to interoperability, privacy, and scalability. The partnership will propel the following:

Empower Enterprise Adoption of Zero-Knowledge Technology: The partnership between Toposware and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) will empower enterprise adoption of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Zero-Knowledge technology, which can supercharge business growth by facilitating secure, real-time transactions among non-trusting entities, promoting security, and fewer intermediaries.

Enhance Enterprise Scalability: With a focus on addressing challenges related to interoperability and scalability, Toposware is poised to bring zero knowledge to the enterprise ecosystem. This investment will further enable the company to engage leading enterprise clients with the launch of its Enterprise Early Access Program. Through its innovative solutions, Toposware aims to revolutionize the way enterprises approach scalability and interoperability. With a strong focus on zero-knowledge technology, the company is well-positioned to address the growing challenges faced by businesses in today’s digital landscape.

Improve Native Interoperability: Enterprises within the Topos ecosystem can create independent networks with easy interoperability, reducing shared network dependencies and eliminating intermediaries. This innovative approach addresses critical scalability challenges.

Increase Data Privacy and Security: The permissionless addition of new independent networks ensures boundless scalability while maintaining cryptographic security and data privacy. Enterprises can deploy private networks within the Topos ecosystem while safeguarding sensitive data and intellectual property.

Redefine Trust: By implementing zero-knowledge proofs as the basis for settlement and verification, Toposware is revolutionizing the traditional trust model. This groundbreaking approach allows businesses within the ecosystem to interoperate with complete confidence, eliminating the need to trust any other actor.

Tom Harvey, Enterprise Lead for Toposware, expressed his excitement about pioneering Zero-Knowledge technology in the enterprise sector through their partnership with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). “This collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of enterprise zero-knowledge technology, driving innovation and efficiency across industries.”

James Harsh, EEA Director of Sales, shared “The EEA is excited to add Toposware to our Member Community as we work together to accelerate the business use of Ethereum. With leaders like Toposware joining the mission, 2023 looks to be another exciting year of continued adoption of Ethereum around the world!

As Toposware and the EEA embark on this partnership, the future of enterprise blockchain technology is set to transform with zero knowledge, offering new levels of control, security, and collaboration to organizations globally.