Toposware Joins Hyperledger Foundation to Scale Enterprise Adoption of Zero Knowledge

3 min readOct 4, 2023

Toposware, a leader in Zero-Knowledge, announced it has joined Hyperledger Foundation, a global ecosystem for enterprise-grade blockchain technologies. As a Hyperledger Foundation member, Toposware aims to enhance enterprise scalability for Zero-Knowledge solutions. Toposware is a frontrunner in applying these technologies to address the current challenges of interoperability, privacy, and scalability.

Toposware CEO, Theo Gauthier expressed enthusiasm about joining esteemed Hyperledger Foundation members like Alastria, CasperLabs, Chainyard, Filecoin Foundation, and IBM in advancing open-source enterprise blockchain. “We are looking forward to accelerating the adoption of Enterprise Zero-Knowledge technology with the Hyperledger Foundation. Zero-Knowledge holds immense untapped potential, and we are exhilarated to be pioneering this with enterprises. The adoption of Zero-Knowledge technology will be a game changer that will lead to enhanced performance, efficiency, and revenue generation.” He emphasized how Zero-Knowledge technology can supercharge business growth by facilitating secure, real-time transactions among non-trusting entities, promoting security, and fewer intermediaries.

“Hyperledger Foundation hosts an extensive open source ecosystem that is continuously advancing enterprise-grade blockchain and related technologies,” said Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation, and General Manager Blockchain and Identity at the Linux Foundation. “Our members take a leading role across our many projects and labs, contributing resources and expertise that help the whole market innovate. We welcome Toposware to our membership ranks and look forward to their contributions on the Zero-Knowledge front.”

Traditional blockchains update a distributed ledger by every participant re-executing every transaction — state machine replication. Topos architecture eliminates this burdensome process — ecosystem participants efficiently verify only proofs rather than transactions — enabling massive settlement throughput at a global scale. Enterprises can create independent networks within the Topos ecosystem, ensuring native interoperability, reducing shared network dependencies, and eliminating intermediaries, thus addressing scalability challenges. Enterprise will have the ability to launch independent networks and join the Topos ecosystem with native interoperability. This eliminates shared network requirements and the need for intermediaries, including between counterparties with disparate structures and tech stacks to solve the problem of scalability. In addition, Enterprises can deploy their own private networks and interoperate with the broader Topos ecosystem without revealing sensitive data and IP. The addition of new independent networks is permissionless, and reliable causal broadcast replaces consensus. The Topos ecosystem is scalable to millions of participants while retaining cryptographic security and data privacy. Additionally, enterprises can deploy private networks and seamlessly interact with the broader Topos ecosystem. This permissionless approach uses ZK technology to allow the Topos ecosystem to scale boundlessly while maintaining cryptographic security and data privacy.

Tom Harvey, Enterprise Lead for Toposware, expressed excitement about pioneering Zero-Knowledge technology in the enterprise sector as a member of Hyperledger Foundation, aiming to accelerate enterprise blockchain technology adoption.

“We are excited to bring our expertise in future-proof solutions powered by Zero-Knowledge to the Hyperledger ecosystem. Business growth is supercharged by the ability to transact and transfer value in real time between non-trusting, often competing entities. Enterprises need control and security of their own networks and data while enabling disintermediated collaboration without privacy risk. Zero-Knowledge technology will be a game changer and lead to the next generation of performance, efficiency, and revenue,” says Tom Harvey.

By basing settlement and verification on zero-knowledge proofs, Topos is redefining the trust model for a scalable infrastructure of independent sovereign networks, ensuring that businesses in the ecosystem do not need to trust any other actor in the ecosystem.

About Hyperledger Foundation

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